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All Macross collector figures, direct import from Japan, at a great price !

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross is an animated television series.  Most of its animations were adapted outside Japan for the first Robotech saga. There have been many manufacturers of Macross and Robotech merchandise over the years. The first manufacturer was Takatoku, which produced the original Valkyrie 1/55 toys, which revolutionized the industry with their "Perfect Transformation" system. Later, Bandai obtained the molds and started producing new toys of the series. In Japan, Yamato obtained the license to manufacture an assortment of Macross toys, starting with the Macross 7 anime toys. Bandai and Yamato remain the leading manufacturers of Macross toys in Japan. Discover all the Macross collectible figurines in direct import from Japan, and at the best price !


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