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Before You Order

Welcome to N2G's Item Ordering Section! We hope to answer your most common questions about making a pre-order or an order for an in-stock item.

What are somethings I should know about before making an order?

  • Available items will have a green "ADD TO CART" button active.
  • Pricing can fluctuate based on Japanese Market prices and time (generally placing your order earlier will secure you the cheapest price). *** No cancellations can be made due to price fluctuations ***
  • Shipping fees related to pre-orders are calculated based on weight and other metrics provided by the manufacturer. It is possible that the amount calculated may be incorrect. In this case, we will contact you via mail or invoice.
  • Hot Items may be sold out very quickly causing issues with your order and potentially our system not creating your order despite a successful payment. You should send us a ticket if you encounter this issue with a proof of payment and the JAN/REF code of the item you were attempting to purchase along with your chosen shipping method.
  • Pre-order bonuses will have a note on the product description describing what type of bonus will come with the order. If nothing is written about a bonus then no bonus will be included in your order.
  • Pre-Order Release Dates usually only mention the release month. As our shipments from manufacturers always arrive near the end of the month, please expect shipments for said pre-order to begin the early next month.
  • Postponed Releases will be updated on our product page should we receive word from the manufacturer regarding a delay. Please note we will not be able to provide full compensation should you wish to cancel base on this reason.


When will my order be shipped?

The general overview of our operation flow is illustrated below for in-stock items. When your order has been shipped, the associated tracking information will be sent to your email.

What is the purpose of a Payment Validation Check?

Some payment platforms we offer, such as EBANX and Adyen, require additional processing time for certain payments to be verified. As a result, your order status may not be updated immediately and may require additional time until the transaction has been completely verified.

Can I merge or split my orders?

Unfortunately, our system does not permit modifying orders in this way. Please be careful about pre-order release dates when placing your item in the cart.

*** Private Warehouse Orders may not be altered with regular orders ***

When will my order be shipped if my order contains items with different release dates?

Your order will be shipped when all items in the order have arrived at our warehouse. Therefore, if you had an item releasing January and another item releasing February in the same year. Your entire order will be shipped out once the February release item arrives.

What happens if my pre-order has not been shipped yet?

Unfortunately with pre-orders, manufacturers may decide to postpone a release. Please check the respective product page for updates on the release date.


Payment Options

How can I pay for my order?

We offer several payment methods:

  • → A PayPal Exchange Fee will be charged for any currency outside of the Japanese Yen
  • Age Restricted Products may not be transacted using this payment method
  • → Wide range of support and security for both the consumer and merchant
  • → Supports 3DS2 Security for Fraud Prevention
  • → Accepts wide range of currencies and different cards
  • → Payments via certain cards (such as American Express) may take longer to verify
  • → Designed for customers living in Latin America
  • → Allows transactions to be completed via local methods
  • → Deploys EBANX Shield for Fraud Prevention

Why is my desired payment method unavailable?

Certain Age-Restricted products are specifically unable to be paid via PayPal due to their Terms of Use. Please select a method that is available to proceed with your checkout.

Why can't I complete my payment with Adyen?

When you select Adyen, please do not close the window until the transaction is fully complete. Prematurely closing the transaction window will void the order and you will need to redo your entire order again. Additionally, Adyen will require that payments are made with 3DS Secured. Please contact your card provider for more information if you do not currently have this enabled.

What should I do if I have paid but it does not reflect onto my history?

In this case, please be sure to send our customer support team the order reference code and the transaction ID.

***Important Note about Payment Security***

Customers who make a transaction on a new account without "Seller Protection" or "3D Secured" will be asked to comply with an ID Check email sent to you shortly after your order. Please read through the contents and contact our Customer Support if you have concerns with this policy.




Pay Later System

Welcome to N2G's Pay Later FAQ article! We are glad to provide our customers with a very useful method of payment that we hope to help alleviate the stress in paying up front. This article aims to answer your most common questions about this Pay Later feature!

How do I know an item is eligible for Pay Later?

If the blue Pay Later Logo is on the page, then this option is available!

How do I pay for my Pay Later?

You can find your Pay Later Orders over in "My Account" -> "Order history and details"

Are all items eligible for Pay Later?

Great question! Most pre-order items will have a Pay Later option as depicted above. However, certain items may not have this available and will require an immediate payment instead.

Can I make my Pay Later in a currency other than Japanese Yen?

You will be able to see the equivalent price in another selected currency upon selection. However, upon confirming your Pay Later order, the order will only be generated in Japanese Yen. In other words, we require that Pay Later orders be made only via Japanese Yen.

Why am I not being offered my local currency when paying for a Pay Later order made in the past?

In the past we used to have Pay-Later pre-orders registered in any currency. However, because foreign currency rates vary in time, this created many accounting problems where the final amount settled did not equal the original amount in JPY. Because we are a Japanese company operating in JPY, our items and shipping prices are indexed in JPY, and we are now requiring our customers to settle the exact same amount in JPY that they reserved at (using a Pay-Later pre-order).

What happens if I do not pay my Pay Later order by the deadline?

In the case you forget to pay your Pay Later order, the system will automatically cancel your order returning your reservation for said item stock back to the system. If you still wish to purchase said item, you can always remake your order normally for the item provided it still is in stock. The Pay Later deadline will always be on the 14th of the item's release date month.

What happens if I cancel too many Pay Later Orders?

Accounts with a greater ratio of cancellation than paid Pay Later Orders may be banned from this privilege.

What happens to the Pay Later Deadline if the pre-order release date has been postponed?

In most cases, the deadline will not change and we will still expect you to make the payment by the deadline. For more information click here!

I paid for my Pay Later but why does the status not change?

We are sorry if you encounter this bug which often occurs for customers paying with EBANX for multiple Pay Later Orders. In this case, please wait 1-2 business days as our team will do manual checks on all payments received and will link any Pay Later Orders that were not linked by the Pay Later Payment. If your Pay Later order status does not change to "pre-order Payment Accepted", please send us a ticket with your Payment Order Reference ID and your Pay Later Order Reference ID so we can correct the link for you!

What happens if my Pay Order button disappears for my Pay Later?

Please send us a ticket via customer support so our team can investigate this issue.

Can I use Loyalty Vouchers on Pay Later orders?

Vouchers must be applied at the time of making the Pay Later order. You will not be able to use a voucher to pay for a Pay Later order.In other words, when you choose to pay for your Pay Later order sometime in the future, you will not be able to use your voucher.

If I have multiple items in one order with different Pay Later deadlines, when should I have to pay for my order?

An order is cancelled as a whole if one item is not paid before the Pay Later deadline. Therefore, your entire order must be paid before the earliest deadline otherwise it will be cancelled entirely.





We hope to explain further in depth about the invoice process and answer some common questions we receive from you!

What is an Invoice?

Invoices are a way for you to pay for any missing or insufficient costs associated to your order. Invoices are sent to you in a form of a link and act as an item that you put in your shopping cart and pay for like you would for an actual item.

Why am I being sent an invoice?

We may send you an invoice for any of the following reasons:

  • → Your selected shipping method is no longer available due to underlying circumstances.
  • → The shipping fee paid initially was insufficient to the actual shipping fee when packed.
  • → You wish to change your order's shipping method, or combine contents from different orders.
  • → Your order is a Private Warehouse order (shipping will be calculated after we pack your order, then an invoice will be sent to you)

Why can the shipping fee can become more expensive after I have paid initially?

This will really only happen for Pre-order Products (items yet to be released). Manufacturers do not normally list the weight or dimensions when they first announce the product. As a result, when we do receive the products at our warehouse, the product could be much larger/heavier than we initially anticipated. In turn, a greater shipping fee will be incurred, requiring us to make an invoice for you to cover the costs. However, we are normally very good at keeping a database of product weights and dimensions so we do not expect similar patterns of designs to deviate from our shipping cost estimations!

How long will it take to ship after I have paid my invoice?

Payment verification will happen every Monday to Friday around 9:00-11:00 Japan Time. Once the payment has been verified, the warehouse team will receive a notification that the invoice has been paid and to resume your shipment in priority.

What will happen if we do not receive a response from you regarding a pending invoice email?

If we receive no answer within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your order and 15% cancellation fee will be automatically applied. (Please be sure to check you Junk Mail)

What happens if I do not pay my invoice?

If you do not choose to pay the invoice within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your order and 15% cancellation fee will be automatically applied.

Can I receive a refund by voucher if I do not pay my shipping fee invoice?

We will not be able to issue a voucher for customers who don't pay their shipping fee.




Loyalty Point System

Welcome to our Nin-Nin-Game Loyalty Points Section! We hope to cover most of your questions here but if you still have concerns, do not hesitate to send us a ticket describing your issue!

How do I receive Loyalty Points?

Loyalty points are received on valid purchases based on 5% of the product value. Your loyalty points will be validated once your order has been shipped to you.

How much is a Loyalty Point worth/calculated?

1 point = 1 JPY

Loyalty Points are calculated using the sum of the product value, minus any deductions from applied coupons/vouchers.

Product Value: [(Product_1 + Product_2 + Product_3...) - (Voucher value)]

Product Value * 0.05 = Received Loyalty Points

*** Paid Shipping is not eligible for point accumulation ***

How can I check/redeem my Loyalty Points?

You can then redeem your validated loyalty points under the "My Loyalty Points" page to create a voucher to use for future orders.

You may enter your voucher code in the box below in the shopping cart interface.

How long do I have to redeem my voucher?

All points have a 1-year expiration from the moment the status of your order has been shipped.

For example your order was shipped 2020/09/31 so the points will expire on 2021/09/31 whether or not you redeemed the points into a voucher.

Can I use my voucher on orders with different currencies?

We ask that you only apply your voucher on orders in the same currency

Can I use my voucher to Pay for a Pay Later order?

You may only use vouchers when creating the Pay Later order. Vouchers cannot be used when paying for the Pay Later order.

If my voucher exceeds the value of my order, what will happen to the remainder?

In this case, you will receive a left over voucher on your account. As your voucher cannot cover the cost of shipping, please expect that you will not have a case where a free order exists.

If I cancel my order will any points used on the order be returned?

No. We will not be able to return your voucher if you used it on a cancelled order. Therefore, please be very careful before deciding to use your voucher on an order that you might cancel.




Cancellations and Refunds

In this section, we hope to outline how cancellations and refunds work, as well as answer some of your most pressing questions!

What is your policy regarding cancellations and refunds?

In Stock Items

As indicated under our Terms of Conditions of Use Article 2-4, no cancellations or refunds will be administered in full for paid orders. In the case that a cancellation is warranted, you will be eligible for a refund at a 15% cancellation fee applied to the paid total of your order or a store voucher valued at 90% of the total order amount if the cancellation is approved.


Pre-Order Items

Case 1: A pre-order that has already been paid for.

  • Cancellation requests made before the 14th day (13th 23:59 JST) on the product release date month will be refunded with a 10% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation requests after this deadline will be subjected to a 15% fee applied to the entire order. The refund can be in the form of a store voucher or a refund using the same payment method

For Example: Product A - Releases on 2022/05

  • Cancellation must be done before 2022/05/14

In the case of delays resulting in Manufacturer Postponed Releases, no cancellations will be exempt from the above rule.

Case 2: Reservation for a pre-order made via Pay Later

You may cancel your Pay Later by sending a customer support ticket with the order reference.

*** Please note that the number of Pay Later cancellations on your account will impact your account standing with future Loyalty Services planned for the future. ***



Approved refund requests for transactions made more than 6 months ago can only be refunded via Japanese Yen. If the transaction was made with a foreign currency, the exchange rate used on the day of the transaction will be used to refund in Japanese Yen.

If you have decided to not cancel or refund your order we will leave the order as is. Otherwise, a voucher or refund will be processed to your account depending on the scenario.

Can I still cancel my Pay Later if I have not paid for it yet?

As mentioned above, please send us a ticket and we will help you with a cancellation. Warning: Cancelling a Pay Later order will add to your cancellation total on your account.

Can I request for a cancellation/refund for an order that has already been shipped?

We are sorry but we cannot accept any cancellation, exchange or refund requests for orders that have already been shipped.

How long do refunds take to be processed?

Please allow up to 7 business days from the day a refund was processed to have it reflect onto your records. In special cases that a refund is approved for a transaction that was made more than 6 months ago, additional time may be required to process your refund.

How will I know that my order has been cancelled/refunded?

Any changes will reflect on your account order history. Please take a look at your email as you will receive an update describing a change in your order status.

If I used a voucher on a cancelled order will my used voucher return?

No. We will not be able to return your voucher if you used it on a cancelled order. Therefore, please be very careful before deciding to use your voucher on an order that you might cancel.

*** Nin-Nin-Game reserves the right to cancel/remove any order/item on our website for any reason. Reasons include invalid stock quantities, pricing, system abuse, etc. (in this case, we will tell you the reason why we chose to cancel should this happen to you.) ***




Regarding Damaged / Missing Parts / Replacements

Welcome to N2G's Received Damaged/Lost Goods Section. At Nin-Nin-Game, we ensure that all products that leave the warehouse are in new condition and protected sufficiently before we ship any item. As this topic is quite deep, please understand that each customer's circumstance will likely require follow up from our support team. This article aims to answer most common questions and also help with preparing your ticket so that we can help you better!

I received a damaged item. What should I do?

Within 7 days of you receiving your parcel, please follow the steps written below.

  1. First please take a video and/ or pictures clearly displaying the extent of the damage suffered to the parcel, the item box and the item itself depending on the case.
  2. Next, open a ticket with us on FreshDesk and attach the associated media along with the Order Reference, Shipping Invoice, and Delivery Slip. Our team will then reach out to you and offer you solutions appropriate to the extent of the issue and the information provided. This process can take a few days, but we will ensure that your concerns will be addressed as soon as we can.

Note: Please keep the received parcel and all contents that came with it. Including, packaging material (tape, bubble wrap, etc.), the label and the invoice. We also request that you carefully handle all items to further prevent any additional damage. In the case a return is requested, we will require that all of these items are included in your return parcel to us. If we receive an incomplete return, your order will not be eligible for compensation.

How is damage classified or defined on Nin-Nin-Game?

Our team will classify your case based on the following criteria.

Case A (Product Damage)

Our team will work with you to understand what sort of solution is appropriate for your product damage. You will be expected to send clear photos or videos to help illustrate the extent of the damage

Case B (Product Box Damage)

If the box was damaged during the delivery process, we will not authorize a return of the parcel, nor provide a refund or any form of compensation. All products classified as new, leaving the warehouse are checked to be free of damage before shipping and are carefully packed with adequate protection. Therefore, any damage that does occur to the product box during the shipment to the destination is outside of our control.

Example of Product Box Damage

Case C (Parcel Damage)

If your parcel arrived wet, destroyed or crushed, you will have to open a claim with the associated shipping carrier. When you first notice parcel damage on handoff, it will be essential to take a photo of the parcel in the presence of the delivery person. The more evidence you can provide, the higher the chance your claim will be approved.

Note: Damage on the parcel/package is not considered as a return condition for your order. With the exception being that the interior product contained was damaged in the process.

Case D (Missing Item)

In the case that an item in your order did not arrive as expected, please contact our Customer Support Team as soon as you can!

Note: If a package is taking an abnormally long time to arrive, please also consult with your customs office or courier as certain shipping methods can take much longer to arrive than expected.

Upon receiving my parcel, I have changed my mind about keeping the item. Can I return the unwanted item back to you?

We will accept a return under the following conditions:

  1. Return is made within 7 days of destination arrival
  2. Product(s) must be unopened
  3. All parts & components are present
  4. No damage to the outer packaging, including "blister pack, seals, or shrinkwrap
  5. Product is classified as "Brand New" on Nin-Nin-Game. "Used" Products are not eligible for return
  6. Return costs are paid by the customer

When all conditions have been checked upon arrival of your return, a full refund for the product cost will be administered. No refund will be made for the original shipping or paid return shipping costs.

In the tracking information it states that the package was returned back to the sender. What should I do?

If a package was flagged and returned back to us, that means that the post office or the customs deemed it as undeliverable, unclaimed, refused or prohibited. In the case that the carrier is Japan Post (EMS/Airmail/Surface), the parcel should be sent back to our warehouse. We will contact you for reshipping costs in the scenario that you would like your order to be reshipped. Please understand that we can't accept Fedex or DHL shipments back to our warehouse. As the return shipping fee being excessively high, we will be forced to dispose the parcel instead. Please pick up your Fedex / DHL parcel in any case.

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