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At Nin-Nin-Game, we strive to offer a wide diversity of shipping options for our customers. As global socio-economical conditions can suddenly alter what shipping methods may be available for your country, please be sure to check our announcements board or contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Upon checkout, eligible shipping carrier options and their associated costs will be presented to you. Should your chosen shipping method be unavailable, lack the necessary shipping costs, or require any adjustments, we may reach out to you via mail. Alternative, you can send us a ticket via our Customer Support portal and an agent will assist you with your case. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email with your Tracking ID information enclosed.

Here are all the possible shipping options N2G Export's logistics platform:

 Shipping Time*Terms and Conditions of Carriage**Notes
2 ~ 4 Business DaysdetailsDuty/Taxes/VAT paid up-front, NO custom clearance fees nor additional charges.
2 ~ 6 Business DaysDHL FEDEXWe offer Fedex or DHL as reliable and efficient delivery options!
3 ~ 7 Business DaysdetailsDelivery is performed by your local Express Mail Company in your country of residence.
5 ~ 10 Business DaysdetailsDelivered to you by your Local Post Office.
10 ~ 14 Business DaysPlease contact Customer Support for more info.Duty/Taxes/VAT paid up-front, NO custom clearance fees for European Union Citizens.
3 ~ 6 MonthsdetailsEstimated shipping times may be heavily affected by global events.

*Shipping Times only begin to apply once your order payment has been verified and the required processing time (up to 3 business days) has been allotted. As these are estimates, please note that any delay caused by the carrier does amount to reason to request compensation, refund, cancellation or modification of your order.

**For Japan Post shipments, insurance compensation will be done via the customer's post office. Please contact your local post office and file the necessary forms for insurance compensations with your postal agent and then contact us. Please note that the amount insured is relative to the amount declared on your shipping invoice.

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