PS3 Used Games

All PS3 Used Games / Softs from Sony, direct import from Japan !


Among the PlayStation 3's genres, used games are very well represented. The Playstation 3 marks the generalization of online gaming. This console offers more than 800 different video games: arcade, adventure, role playing, logic, etc... There is something for everyone! If you like to spend an evening on PlayStation 3 with a few friends, be sure to check the maximum number of players before purchasing, to make sure that the title offered has adequate multiplayer capability. Some of the games sold for this console come with an additional accessory to get the most out of the games. Some include a microphone for karaoke games, for example. Other games include the "eye" of the Playstation, which is a webcam that uses gesture recognition to capture your movement and integrate it into the games. All our used games on the Sony Playstation 3 are available in import directly from Japan !


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