PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3

All PS3 Products Softs and Systems from Sony direct import from Japan ! 

The Playstation 3 is part of the seventh generation of gaming consoles and competes with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, among others. The PS3 differs from its predecessors in that it has an online feature, which allows it to connect to the popular Playstation Network. Of course, it has improved graphics and multimedia and is equipped with a built-in blu-ray player, which allows it to be connected as a movie player, making the classic DVD player unnecessary.
The Playstation 3 also comes in a slim version with a smaller hard drive but with equally stunning graphics for its time. The popular console has a large selection of accessories that can be purchased for the console. Of course, it is possible to buy controllers in different colors and with the popular DualShock which greatly optimizes the gaming experience. All Playstation 3 related items are available here on our site in import from Japan!


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