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Since the PS5, gaming will never be the same. Between 3D audio, fast loading with an ultra-fast SSD, increased power, ray tracing and brilliant frame rates even on 4K and HDR monitors, you're in for a seriously immersive experience. In addition, many new games have been created and optimized for the PS5 to ensure the quality and replayability we've come to expect from top studios. 

The new DualSense controller has a lot of great features: not only is it wireless and has a built-in microphone, but it has haptic feedback and adaptive dynamic triggers for games. This means that the physical impact and effects of your actions in the game are felt through the controller. A wireless charging station is also available, as well as a specially designed wireless headset for noise cancellation and an HD camera that supports PS VR. Discover all our products for the PS5 at the best price!


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