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Nintendo's handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS and its big sister, the Nintendo 3DS XL, have revolutionized motion gaming and give you the ability to play DS games with exhilarating 3D effects. Check out some classic Japanese games from our range. If you want accessories to go with your 3DS, check out our accessories section to find everything you need to enhance your portable gaming experience. This will allow you to spend endless hours having fun and playing with your friends on your Nintendo 3DS system. Additions to the handheld system since the original Nintendo DS include the Circle Pad, Motion Sensor, and Gyro Sensor which are all designed to make your gaming experience much more intuitive. You're spoilt for choice with our brilliant range of Nintendo 3DS games. So why not take a look and make some new additions to your collection? All our Nintendo 3DS items are imported from Japan!


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