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All 3DS Used Games / Softs from Nintendo, direct import from Japan!

The Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the DS, is one of the most popular portable consoles. The 3DS games are also adapted to Nintendo's other consoles, the 2DS and 3DS XL, as well as the "New" versions. As a handheld, the 3DS naturally focuses on single-player mode. That's why a lot of titles are specifically designed for single-player action. However, games with a multiplayer mode are also available. Depending on the title, these are suitable for two, four, six or sometimes even eight players. Nintendo is a very family-friendly platform, so the vast majority of Nintendo's 3DS games have no age restrictions. Japanese RPGs (role-playing games) are extremely popular. By making choices in a fantasy world filled with epic adventures, you must defeat opponents and/or complete tasks. Two favorites are Bravely Default and Pokemon! Check out all our used 3DS games from Nintendo, imported from Japan! 


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