DX Chogokin figures

DX Chogokin

All Bandai DX Chogokin collector figures, direct import from Japan, at a great price!

Chogokin is probably the most famous and oldest Japanese action figure series, which is closely associated with everything metallic and robotic. DX Chogokin is a toy line of Variable Fighters from Bandai's Macross metaseries. Since 1997, Bandai has applied the name to several action series figures, all of which have in common the use of die-cast metal as the material of choice to represent robots or metal characters. This is the highest range of Bandai figures when it comes to Macross. If you are an enthusiast and you want a DX Chogokin figure, find all our collectible Bandai DX Chogokin figures in direct import from Japan, and at the best price!


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