Super Sonico

Looking for the perfect Super Sonico figure? Look no further! Our selection of Super Sonico figures includes all your favorite characters from the series, including Sonico herself, Suzu Fujimi and Furi Watanuki. Whether you're looking for a figure to display on your desk or shelf, we've got you covered.

The History of Super Sonico

The Super Sonico series was created in 2006 by Nitroplus, a Japanese visual novel company. The character of Super Sonico was originally designed to be the company's 10th anniversary mascot. She made her first public appearance at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, where she was featured in a number of promotional materials.

Super Sonico quickly became popular in Japan, appearing in a wide variety of merchandise, including action figures, plush toys, clothing and even its own line of energy drinks. In 2009, the first Super Sonico anime series was released, followed by a second series in 2014.


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