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All PS Vita Game Consoles japanese for sale / Buy systems from Sony, best price import from Japan !

The PS Vita's quad-core processor is a real powerhouse, capable of spectacular graphical prowess with rare slowdown. The audio is powerful, but like the PSP, it's better suited for headphones. The hardware is powerful, it has two analog controllers for modern console games and a large, bright, dynamic screen. The PS Vita Slim is nearly identical in size when viewed from the front (it's slightly longer and wider if measured), but when held in the hand, it's noticeably thinner and lighter than the original. Both versions of the PS Vita have two nice analog joysticks, push-button input on the front and side, and even support optional Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G connections. The 2000 series even offers extended battery life, which is always a plus. All of our Sony PS Vita game consoles are available as imports from Japan!


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