PSP Consoles / Systems

All PSP Game Consoles / Systems from Sony, direct import from Japan!

Sony's PSP comes with 4MB of fast DRAM and 32MB of on-board RAM, and you get a console with graphics rendering capabilities close to those of the PlayStation 2. From a control standpoint, the PSP is made for gaming. If you're familiar with a PlayStation controller, you'll be a pro at controlling the PSP in no time. Directional buttons, as well as an analog stick, are integrated. Finally, the "home", "select" and "start" buttons allow you to quickly access and control important PSP functions. While UMD is ideal for read-only media like games and movies, Sony solves the data storage problem by adding a Memory Stick Duo slot. The PSP's ability to connect to the internet, as well as to other PSPs and USB devices, is a real advantage. All Sony PSP game consoles are available on our site as imports from Japan!


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