PSP Accessories

All PSP Accessories from Sony, direct import from Japan!

There aren't really many accessories that the PSP needs for gaming; the whole point of this handheld is to be able to carry a full console, TV and controller with you. Still, it's an expensive device, so protect it properly when you're on the go with a carrying case and a protective film over the screen. Skype is built into the PSP for voice calls, but with the addition of the little Go!Cam, you get a full video webcam. With such a large screen, the PSP makes a great personal satellite navigation system with the addition of Go!Explore and its GPS receiver. The PSP can also output an AV (audio/video) signal to your TV, so you can enjoy its big-screen fun with an extra cable. Finally, Sony's Memory Stick PRO Duo memory cards are very affordable and offer large capacities. All Sony PSP accessories, imported from Japan are available here!


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