Chibi figures of the most famous Japanese anime, manga or video game characters! Nendoroids is the most popular series of this genre.

Nendoroids are cute anime figures by Good Smile Company

They are Chibi figures of characters from the most famous Japanese anime, manga or video games! Nendoroids are the most famous series from Good Smile Company and include many small parts to play with.

nendoroid doll rem nendoroid

Nin-Nin Game is proud to offer ALL of them for sale!

Here you will find all New, and Used Nendoroids. That's right, we try to always have the complete range in stock. Also, all Nendoroid pre-orders are available, as well as reissues of famous items, and shipped upon release.

haikyuu nendoroid

The Collector's Quest

Nendoroids are the darling of Japanese figure collectors worldwide for a good reason! There are so many Nendoroids for sale here that it's probably easier to use the search bar in our menu than to just browse our selection!

Created in 2006, the Nendoroid series began with the most famous of them: the Neko Arc: Convert! Grumbling Face Edition, number #000. According to their CEO this first of many Nendos was modeled by almost "amateur" sculptors using parts of plastic recycle bins! However, their big break was when Nendoroid Hatsune Miku was released in 2008, and 100,000 units were sold in 2 years!

nezuko nendoroid

The Nendoroid Doll for real

A new series including real clothes in real fabric. Yes, that means you can dress them (and undress them) as you please ! They have the same size as normal Nendoroids and heads can be swapped with other Nendoroid dolls.

Find the rem Nendoroid, Nezuko, haikyuu Nendoroid, Kirby, Zero Two, Bakugo, Jo Jo and all the others like Jotaro and Todoroki !

Come back often as we hold regular sales on our Nendoroids figures, regular and Dolls, haikyuu nendoroid, kenma nendoroid and more including Free Shipping Sales! Best price for you.


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