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Max Factory is much more than just a Japanese company specializing in the production of high-end action figures. For more than 30 years, it has forged its reputation as an essential leader in the collectible figurines market thanks to the exceptional quality of its products and the passion that drives its teams.

Max Factory miniatures are designed with extreme attention to detail. Each of them is meticulously sculpted to faithfully reproduce the features and expressions of the character it represents. The paints and finishes are also meticulous to give each figurine a realistic and attractive appearance.

But what makes Max Factory truly unique is its line of Figma figurines. These have become a reference for collectors all over the world thanks to their wide variety of joints, allowing all kinds of breathtaking poses to be achieved. The joints are also very strong, which allows fans to handle the figures safely without risking damage. Figma figurines are designed for display and for fans to recreate the most iconic poses of their favorite characters.

Apart from the Figma range, Max Factory also offers a wide variety of top quality action figures. From your favorite anime and video game heroes and heroines to characters from popular movies and TV series, you'll always find an action figure that meets your expectations at Max Factory.


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