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All Kotobukiya collector figures, direct import from Japan, at a great price !

Kotobukiya is a Japanese manufacturer of figurines under official license since 1947. The company is known for producing figurines in various scales and for its Bishoujo or ARTFX collections. Based in Tokyo at the very beginning, it became today, one of the manufacturers impossible to circumvent in the medium of the figurines and other statuettes of characters under licence of marks. Kotobukiya stands out with its ARTFX range (originally in 1989 Active Styling Figures) concerning PVC figurines particularly well made, requiring most of the time only a simple assembly. Also noteworthy are the Fine Art Statues, a more high-end segment of statuettes made of resin. The quality of the products manufactured by this company has allowed it not only to attract some of the most talented artists but also to have the confidence of prestigious brand licenses such as DC Comics, Marvel, Star Wars and many others. All Kotobukiya collectible figures imported directly from Japan at the best price!


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