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A dakimakura is a long pillow with a printed pattern originating from Japan. Its name literally translates to "hugging pillow": daki means "hugging" and makura means "pillow". While the dakimakura and the conventional pillow may be very similar in shape and size, the typical reason for their use is different. In Japan, dakimakura have a long tradition of emotional support. They are considered to be comforting objects. Unlike body pillows, which can come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, dakimakura have strict dimensions.

Traditional dakimakura are about 50 cm wide and 150 or 160 cm long. The circumference should be a little over 100 cm. The standard size of dakimakura is important. This is not only for the sake of accuracy, but also because of the well-known connection between the pillow and the anime and manga community. All the Dakimakuras of your favorite characters are available on Nin-Nin-Game as direct import from Japan!


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