Complete Your Saint Seiya Myth Cloth Figure Collection with Our Imported Selection from Japan

saint seiya myth cloth figures

All Saint Seiya Myth Cloth (ex, revival) collector figures from Bandai direct import from Japan !

The Saint Seiya Myth Cloth figures from Bandai Tamashii Nations, better known as "The Knights of the Zodiac", are articulated collectible figures of 15 cm high launched in 2003. Each figure comes with pieces of armor made of metal and plastic. In addition to the main bronze knights of Pegasus, Swan, Dragon, Phoenix and Andromeda, the other characters also have a figurine in their likeness. The golden knights of course, but also the silver knights, the divine warriors, the marinas and generals of Poseidon and the spectres of Hades. The Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX figures are an improved version of the classic figures, slightly larger (about 18 cm) and refined. They feature new generation joints that allow for more dynamic poses. The faces and armor of a Myth Cloth EX figure are also more detailed than the previous ones. All the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth collector figurines from Bandai, and many more in Japan import are available here!


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