Pokemon Card Game

What is the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

First launched in Japan back in 1996, The Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is a collaboration between Nintendo’s Pokemon and Media Factory! It is the best-selling Card Game ever, with more than 29 billion cards sold.

How do you buy Japanese Pokemon Cards?

They are sold in many ways: Pre-constructed Theme Decks, or the more interesting Boosters Boxes (containing 20 Booster Packs), or individual Booster Packs (5 random cards). Cards cannot be bought individually! We recommend to buy japanese Pokemon cards as Booster Boxes, because you have both a higher chance of obtaining rare, super rare or ultra rare Cards, and because the price is cheaper!

Why order from Japan?

Several reasons you will want to order Pokemon cards from Japan: First because they are the original, the source of all cards before they are translated to other languages!.Second is a direct consequence: you can get them earlier! We offer all Pokemon TCG items (packs, boosters etc.) on Preorder, so you can get the absolute best price ever: come back and check out our additions often!


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