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The Pokémon trading card game takes the world's most beloved video game characters and brings them into your home, where you can battle with your friends, other trainers and show off your card collection.

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What is the Pokemon TCG ?

First launched in Japan back in 1996, The Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is a collaboration between Nintendo’s Pokemon and Media Factory! It is the best-selling Card Game ever, with more than 29 billion cards sold.

In 1996, the world of Pokémon was born when Game Freak and Nintendo released the video games Pocket Monsters: Red and Green for the Game Boy. These industry-defining games allowed players to catch, battle and train their own Pokémon, quickly making Pokémon a household name. Since then, The Pokémon Company has branched out into manga, animated movies and, most importantly, the wildly successful trading card game. No other company comes close to the unparalleled success of creating an immersive universe based on creatures born from video games!

The base set is the first and most common type of Pokémon card. The base set contains cards of various rarities, from common to rare. These cards feature artwork from the original Pokémon games and animated series. The base set also contains Holo foil cards, which are more valuable because they are harder to find.

How do you buy rare Japanese Pokemon cards ?

They are sold in many ways: Pre-constructed Theme Decks, or the more interesting Boosters Boxes (containing 20 Booster Packs), or individual Booster Packs (5 random cards). The rare Pokemon Cards cannot be bought individually ! We recommend to buy japanese Pokemon cards as Booster Boxes, because you have both a higher chance of obtaining rare, super rare or ultra rare Cards like Vstar Universe, and because the price is cheaper!

Pokemon cards

Why order your Pokemon booster box from Japan ?

Several reasons you will want to order original japanese pokemon cards :

  • First because they are the original, the source of all cards before they are translated to other languages!
  • Second is a direct consequence: you can get them earlier! We offer all Pokemon TCG items (packs, boosters etc.) on Preorder, so you can get the absolute best price ever: come back and check out our additions often!

You can purchase different types of packs for your Pokemon card collection. Each Pokemon booster comes with standard packs of Pokémon base cards, EX cards or GX cards. You might be lucky enough to find a rare Pokémon card !

You can also order Pokemon cardboard or foil boxes containing boosters. And to protect your best Pokemon cards, you'll need card protectors or a special album dedicated to your collection.

The newest Pokemon cards to buy

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Pokemon is a Japanese franchise that has been around for over 20 years. Short for "pocket monsters", Pokemon exists in the form of a television show, a trading card game, video games and toys. Pokemon are creatures that live in the wild or with their owner, called their trainer. The trainer's goal is to "catch them all", and by "all" we mean all 800+ Pokemon. In the Pokemon universe, there are three different categories of cards that you'll find in any game: Pokemon character cards, energy cards and trainer cards. Start collecting or expand your favourite cards! Browse our wide range of Pokemon cards, with booster packs, collectible cards, trainer cards and energy cards, we've got the collection of your dreams.

if you didn't know where to buy the latest pokemon cards, now you know !

Are you ready to become a Pokemon master ?


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