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In the wilds of Earth's communication networks, a universe of Digimon lives and thrives. These creatures, with the help of their human counterparts, can digivolve into extremely powerful creatures, to fight and sometimes battle evil. These creatures are intelligent and able to express themselves. Therefore, they have their own myth, their own will and their own intentions in the Digimon universe.

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The best collectible Digimon cards booster box

In the collectible card game, players will duel with their Digimon, which they will digivolve into mega and ultimate forms to ensure victory. The paths to victory are many and varied, but Goto and Kawashima introduce the basic objective of the game: players digivolve and raise powerful Digimon to attack their opponent's security pile. The winner is the player who strikes the final blow when their opponent's safety zone is reduced to zero. Find all our Digimon cards booster boxes imported from Japan!


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