Invoices FAQ


Welcome to our Invoices FAQ article! We hope to explain further in depth about the invoice process and answer some common questions we receive from you!




What is an invoice?


Invoices are a way for you to pay for any missing or insufficient costs associated to your order. Invoices are sent to you in a form of a link and act as an item that you put in your shopping cart and pay for like you would for an actual item. 


Why am I being sent an invoice?


We may send you an invoice for any of the following reasons:


1. Your selected shipping method is no longer available due to underlying circumstances.

2. The shipping fee paid initially was insufficient to the actual shipping fee when packed.

3. You wish to change your order's shipping method, or combine contents from different orders.

4. Your order is a Private Warehouse order (shipping will be calculated after we pack your order, then an invoice will be sent to you)


Why can the shipping fee can become more expensive after I have paid initially?


This will really only happen for Preorder Products (items yet to be released). Manufacturers do not normally list the weight or dimensions when they first announce the product. As a result, when we do receive the products at our warehouse, the product could be much larger/heavier than we initially anticipated. In turn, a greater shipping fee will be incurred, requiring us to make an invoice for you to cover the costs. However, we are normally very good at keeping a database of product weights and dimensions so we do not expect similar patterns of designs to deviate from our shipping cost estimations!


How long will it take to ship after I have paid my invoice?


Payment verification will happen every Monday to Friday around 9:00-11:00 Japan Time. Once the payment has been verified, the warehouse team will receive a notification that the invoice has been paid and to resume your shipment in priority.


What will happen if we do not receive a response from you regarding a pending invoice email?

If we receive no answer within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your order and 15% cancellation fee will be automatically applied. (Please be sure to check you Junk Mail)


What happens if I do not pay my invoice?

If you do not choose to pay the invoice within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel your order and 15% cancellation fee will be automatically applied.


Can I receive a refund by voucher if I do not pay my shipping fee invoice?

We won't be able to issue a voucher for customers who don't pay their shipping fee.



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