Here is a brief explanation of how we handle pre-orders & payments on!

For products on Pre-Order, two options are available:

- Pay Now! (Standard pre-order) You can pay your pre-order immediately by choosing one of the payment methods available on our website (Paypal, Paybox, or Adyen).

- PAY LATER: When this option is available, you can choose to pay your pre-order at a later time, by choosing the option "PAY LATER". You can then pay for your order at any time you wish, by going into your Order History and clicking on "Pay my order". Cool, right? :-)

Note concerning the payment of a PAY LATER Pre-Order :

- You will be reminded regularly to pay for your pre-order by email. A final reminder will be sent around 2 weeks before the release - Any pre-order that is not paid after this deadline will be cancelled automatically!

- Please note that PAY LATER Pre Orders are a service we offer to our customers: By creating a Pay Later Pre Order, you strictly commit to payment at a later time! (Concerning cancellations and abuse, please see below)

Please note:

- If an order includes a pre-order and a product in stock (available), this order will be sent when the pre-order item is released!

- If an order includes many products in pre-order with different release dates, the payment in full will be required before the release of the first item, and the shipment will be done after the release of the last item. Please be careful when placing an order with multiple items with various release dates!


- Please note that does not normally accept cancellations for paid orders.
- "Pay Later" Pre orders that are not yet paid may be cancelled until around a month before the release of the product, by notifying us of your will to cancel.


- If your Pay Later pre-order is not paid on time, and you have not notified us of your will to cancel this pre-order a month before release (see above), we reserve the right to terminate your account or to disable the Pay Later option for your account.

- If too many pre-orders are cancelled, we reserve the right to terminate your account or to disable the Pay Later option for your account.

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact our customer service !

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